"We’ve had a leaking roof for a quite a while. We were suspicious that it seemed to coincide with our shade sail getting installed. The shade sail company sent someone to look and said it wasn’t their doing. We got in RnB Solutions as a result of a recommendation here. ​RnB sent Darren and an apprentice named Adrian. It took them a whole of ten minutes to figure it out. It was because someone (most likely the shade sail company) cracked the roof tile and glued it with silicone but only glued the visible part of the tile and not the part of the tile that sits under the tile it sits next to.
Either way RnB were excellent and I’d recommend them to anyone one looking to fix a leaking roof".
"They were very good and I am happy with the outcome."
I would highly reccommend James Miller from [Roof & Balcony Solutions]. I had some leaking on my tiled roof with sarking paper underneath. Another roofer came in three times but still cant find the real cause. I then got really worried and researched a lot about how to fix hard to find leaks, but this really is something that I have to rely on an expert to help. So I looked through most roof specialists’ websites in canberra area. It took me a while to find James’ website. I’m so glad I found him and tried him, a very nice and knowledgeable guy! He told me fixing leaking roof is like guesswork, but just get better at the guesswork over time
He certainly is right and certainly is good!​He did all he can on his first visit and told me what he would do next if it didn’t fix the problem. Luckily, we didn’t need to try any further. James fixed it at his first attempt! We’ve been on this leaking problem for so long that we couldn’t even believe it’s finally fixed.
We’ve had several heavy storms now and it’s completely dry. I thought I would share my experience here so that anyone who is going through same pain would find the right guy sooner!"
"Very difficult job but they were able to do it. They explained everything as they did it. They were very reasonable in their pricing."
"Call RnB solutions. awesome company, great price and reliable and honest."
"You won’t need any other tradespeople because their staff are skilled across a wide range of trades. They will coordinate and fix every aspect of your water-entry problem.""
Ray White Canberra / Civium Strata People