Who are Roof & Balcony Solutions?

Roof & Balcony Solutions was established in the Canberra area in 2003 by our business director, James Miller. James personally holds over 30 years of experience in the industry, and has personally trained and mentored the RnB Solutions team to provide expert services and high quality work.

Fixing roof and balcony leaks in Canberra is our specialty. We will find and fix the source of any hard to diagnose problem.

We also provide refurbishment and maintenance services to tiled and metal roofs, external surfaces and balconies.

Our team are experienced in working with a range of clients, including property owners, strata management and owners corporations, residential and commercial property management, insurance assessors, builders, developers and other industry professionals.

Roof & Balcony Solutions maintain the highest standards for our team, ensuring that every job is completed to an excellent standard while maintaining a safe environment for our staff, other tradespeople and property occupants.

Why choose Roof & Balcony Solutions?


The employees have a combined experience of 50 years in the Roofing and Balcony industry. At RnB, we work to diagnose even the hardest leaks and problems. Our experienced team complete a thorough investigation to determine the best course of action for each property’s specific issue.


Roof & Balcony Solutions take care of you from the initial visit, all the way through to the completion of recommended works. We also liaise with third party contractors relating to the work in order to provide you with stress free Roof and Balcony repairs - This includes detailed reports with images and videos after each completed callout


All our tradesmen are qualified Roof Plumbers as well as individuals who specialise in roof tiling, waterproofing and internal painting / plastering. We hold all the relevant licenses for Roofing and Balcony for the ACT and NSW as well as full insurances


Roof & Balcony Solutions prides itself in the ongoing training provided to their team members in order to improve their skills, further their knowledge and keep up to date with safety requirements.