Can I get a free quote?

We don’t currently provide free quotes at this time; however, we are able to attend your property to complete a full report on the quality of your roof or balcony which will include quotes for repair / upgrade as applicable.
We always strive to give the owners value for money and may even complete minor repairs during this initial inspection (e.g. clean gutters, replace broken tiles etc.) and will be charged per our Standard Schedule of Rates.

What are my payment options?

Once our tradesmen have attended your property, a report and invoice will be emailed to your nominated address following completion by one of our office staff. This invoice will have a 7-day term as well as payment information through Paypal, direct debit or BPay.

Are you covered for Public Liability & Workers Compensation?

Roof & Balcony Solutions hold public liability and workers compensation insurance.

What is a Cost-Plus Contract?

Some of the suggested quotes / scopes of work that come from our office can only be completed on what is called a Cost-Plus Contract. This is where we complete the works before compiling the exact dollar figure at the completion of the project. An estimate is usually provided for budgeting purposes but in no way dictates the final invoice amount. When invoicing, we only charge for the works completed and do not charge for works deemed unnecessary or that can be completed using a more cost-effective method.

Do you complete new work?

Roof & Balcony Solutions specialise in the remediation of established roofs and balconies. We are currently not taking on any new build or re-roof work at this time but may revaluate in the future.

Do you do dilapidation reports?

Our team can complete an in-depth dilapidation report of your property on a Cost-Plus basis. Our team of highly skilled and experienced roof plumbers can provide a detailed report with photographs and videos suitable for legal proceedings or general use.

What is water testing / flood testing?

Our procedure for resolving suspected waterproofing issues is to first flood test the balcony in order to prove / rule out the balcony as the cause. This is completed by blocking up the drainage outlets with plasticine and allowing water to pool on the balcony for an extended period to track whether it can hold the water without leaking.

We may also utilize a hose or bucket to simulate rainfall to determine if areas surrounding the balcony, window or door set is allowing water to enter.

Once we have gained further information from the flood and water testing, we will be able to provide the owners with a comprehensive report including our recommendations on the best method of rectifying the issues.

Will my appointment proceed if it’s raining?

If the appointment was for the completed of accepted quoted works, our office will reschedule the appointment in the event of rain as works cannot proceed. Our office is available for urgent callouts during rain events to make-safe the area if a hazard has arisen in the wake of the storm. We complete these callouts per our Triage system where we will attend to properties that require the most urgent attention first (ie. Immediate threat to the occupant) and then work through those that require urgent assistance but is not immediately required.

Do you remove possums from roof cavities?

Yes, Roof & Balcony Solutions are qualified to capture and remove Possums from your property. Although possums entering your roof cavity can be quite irritating, it is important to remember that these animals are native Australian fauna and are protected as such by Australian law. There are strict regulations in place regarding the capture, transport, and relocation of possums, which dictate the procedure that we must follow in these situations. When removing the possums, our tradesmen can also complete an assessment of the roof to determine how they were entering and propose a scope of works to prevent this occurring in the future.

Do you do tree trimming as a part of your services?

During works, our tradesmen can complete minor tree trimming for obtrusive tree branches and overhanging limbs however it is suggested that any tree trimming is completed by a qualified arborist.

What does it mean that my leak was caused by condensation?

Condensation can occur in houses and units (particularly in the winter months) due to inadequate ventilation and increased moisture levels.
The design and construction materials that keep cold air outside also keeps moisture in which can cause an excess in moisture levels leading to condensation and sometimes causing water to pour down windows and walls simulating a leak.

Is your work Guaranteed?

Roof & Balcony Solutions will fix any fault in our work. However, we can’t guarantee that there won’t be other problems at the property in the future.

Materials used may also come with a statutory warranty, and we work with waterproofing manufacturers to secure the maximum available warranty for refurbishment work.

Can you quote off our scope from another contractor?

We are happy to attend the property to conduct testing per our schedule of rates however it is not our policy to complete quotes or repairs based on another companies Scope of works as our team of specialists may find that the provided scope is inaccurate or not the most effective means of repair.